The term osteoporosis means porous bones. Osteoporosis is a metabolic disorder characterized by progressive loss of bone mass making the bones increasingly weak and prone to fractures.

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Joint Pain

Joints are connections where two bones meet to provide support and mobility. Any damage to the joint and its surrounding tissues, due to disease or injury can interfere with movement and cause pain.

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Nutritional Supplements

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are the most common nutritional/diet supplements used in the treatment of arthritis pain and inflammation. Patients who suffer from osteoarthritis may benefit from taking these supplements.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is part of the rehabilitation programs that help patients improve their fitness levels and restore the functional ability for performing normal routine activities. It is often recommended in recovery after a surgery.

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Viscosupplementation refers to the injection of a hyaluronan preparation into the joint. Hyaluronan is a natural substance present in the joint fluid that assists in lubrication. It allows smooth movement of the cartilage covered articulating surfaces of the joint.

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