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  • " Rehabilitation Team: Thank You! "

    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:48 AM
  • " Nearly 4 months after Dr. Gradisar totally replaced my right knee, my wife, Cathy, and I attended a meeting in Yosemite National Park. During free time we enjoyed hiking and exploring the majesty of this park. This included a hike to the top of Yosemite Falls. It was more than a 7 mile round trip with an altitude gain of 2,600 feet. The steep and rocky trail was a challenge, but I kept climbing. During it I periodically thought about how well my knee was doing. It would have been more difficult a year earlier.

    The picture above is of me in front of the stream which plunges over the edge in a few more feet.

    I am grateful I could accomplish this 114 days after my total knee replacement. This was possible because of the assistance I received from a variety of people.

    • Dr. Gradisar and his team are first on the list because they did the surgery so well.
    • St. Thomas Hospital’s team on the 8th floor helped me through the first 2 days after surgery and started the therapy I needed.
    • Steve Berg, the physical therapist from Wooster Community Hospital, came to my home. He enjoyed giving me painful routines which led to my gain. His insistence on pushing the pain envelope ensured my rehabilitation was successful.
    • When I had progressed far enough I began going to a Wooster Community Hospital’s Health Point for more rehabilitation.
    • Through all of this my wife encouraged, supported, & reminded me to do my therapy, ice my knee, and use the proper walking aids, Her loving care kept me improving.
    • Prayer and other support for both Cathy & me from friends and family were also beneficial & appreciated.
    • I praise the Lord for how well I get around! I am also grateful to those mentioned above and others who played important parts in my rehabilitation. Thanks you! "
    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:47 AM
  • " Dr. Gradisar performed a total knee replacement for me in March 2013 and I couldn’t be more pleased. For 8-10 years prior, I had sore knees from just about any physical activity, including simply walking and standing too long.

    I had a pretty extensive athletic background including 12 years of playing football and 22 years of officiating basketball. My situation wasn’t a result of any injuries, but years of wear and tear on my knees. I had 3 prior surgeries for arthritis including microfracture surgery at The Crystal Clinic, but the bone spurs grew back over time. Finally at age 49, they were affecting my lifestyle and hampered my desire to coach youth sports and play with my kids, so it was time.

    Dr. Gradisar, his assistant Kim, and everyone on the surgery floor at St. Thomas were very professional and caring through the entire process. My stay at the hospital was 4 days and Dr. Gradisar visited me every morning. His surgical skills are the best in my opinion, as I was walking with no assistance just 14 days after surgery.

    I highly recommend Dr. Gradisar to anyone for total knee replacement, and I will be returning to replace my other knee in the future. "

    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:47 AM
  • " I would recommend Dr.Gradisar to anyone who needed a hip replacement. I am fifty-three years old and before going to Dr. Gradisar I was walking like Chester on gunsmoke. Now I have no pain at all, and I do not walk with even the slightest limp. I could not have asked for better treatment from the Dr., the nurses, or the hospital. Within three and a half weeks of my surgery I was driving my car and riding my lawnmower. At one month I went to an outdoor rock concert with only a cane. At two months to the day I was back to work at my job as an industrial maintenance electrician. It has now been three months since my surgery and my hip feels as normal and strong as my other hip. As I had said earlier I couldn’t have asked for better treatment from all those involved with my surgery and rehab. "

    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:45 AM
  • " I had total hip replacement surgery in 2011. In the months prior to the surgery, the increasing pain in my hip caused me to limp, prevented me taking walks around the neighborhood with my daughter, throwing the football around with my sons, and decreased my mobility considerably.

    Dr Gradisar and his office staff were courteous, attentive, and professional. Pre and post surgery questions and appointments, insurance and disability questions and paperwork were handled with no problem.

    Surgery took about 2.5 hours and went well. I was up and taking some steps with a walker the day after surgery. Hospital stay was 4 days with no issues. Dr Gradisar saw me each day and the hospital staff did a great job.

    For the next 3 months, I had to follow hip precautions to insure proper healing . I used a walker for the first four weeks, followed by cane use for about 2 weeks, then walked unaided. Periodically, a nurse and physical therapist visited me at home to make sure I was progressing well.

    Now three months after surgery; no pain, no limping, and I’m back to 100%. It feels great to have my mobility back. I’ve very glad I chose Dr Gradisar and had the surgery. "

    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:44 AM
  • " THR (Total Hip Replacement) both sides dr gradisar is great, one year later pain free. I am 42 he recommended ceramic. I hike walk anywhere, dr gradisar gave me my life back I’m thankful and he is also a great listener would highly recommend. "

    By - Anonymous
    30-Oct-2018 12:43 AM